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Strategy - Intelligent & Personalized

Intelligent, Adaptive & Personalized -  Strategic Consulting

Ascend Action’s team believes that each campaign, issue, or advocacy initiative deserves its own unique strategic battleplan.  While many firms continually work to upsell, add on or spend to excess, we work to develop an appropriate plan to accomplish the goal.  We utilize our skillsets to develop a multifaceted approach that incorporates digital expertise, data analysis, polling research, and direct coalition building from the grassroots to grasstops to national leadership. 


Integrated Data - Technology - SMS - Digital Marketing - Tactical Ground Game - Direct Mail - Media


Ascend Action is a full services scientific research and polling firm with the best analysts in the business. We provide live call polling for campaign messaging and tracking, gauging public perception of issues, and corporate research. Since 2018, we have conducted hundreds of research studies on a range of issues from local to global.



Ascend offers innovative peer-to-peer texting options that can launch your campaign into the future. Text alerts are one of the most efficient ways to engage with your target audience - whether it's sending event invites or reminding voters to turn out. Open rates for text messages can average up to 98%, vastly outperforming email open rates of 20%. Text responses also average 90 seconds, while email responses often average 90 minutes.


digital marketing

With millions of unique online impressions each year, Ascend's digital footprint stretches across the country. We deliver uniquely tailored creative content to your targeted audiences of voters that we matched to Facebook and Google profiles to ensure that every dollar you spend is directly impacting your cause. Gone are the days of targeting ads by location or demographic. Micro-targeting allows individualized, effective approaches to maximize your online advertising dollars with the right audience for your campaign message.


Tactical ground game

Ascend Action has become an industry leader in volunteer and field engagement. Ascend routinely deploys field teams and manages field programs in multiple states from Texas to Florida, for campaigns from city council to federal-level campaigns and statewide ballot initiatives. A door-to-door interaction is more than seven times more likely to persuade a voter than any other contact method, making a robust field program vital to the success of each campaign. We specialize in the use of predictive data to determine at which door, which message, and what time each and every interaction should take place to be effective.


direct mail

Ascend Action offers state-of-the-art direct mail services that covers all your campaign needs from creative design all the way to the mailbox. In combination with our survey research and data driven voter targeting, our direct mail services are an effective way to engage and persuade new audiences of voters who are most likely to be receptive to your campaign's message.


media production

In partnership with the award-winning Intellego Media, Ascend offers premium video production for TV and digital advertising content. We script, direct, and produce engaging and unique content to deliver your message in an affordable and effective way. Creative and professional video content can increase  online and TV audience engagement exponentially.

In addition, Ascend Action’s team brings real experience and direct advocacy capabilities that have a profound impact on positive outcomes. The following are just a few of the hallmarks of  the unique brand that exemplifies an Ascend Action project:

Personal knowledge and developed trust with activists who have shared principles and priorities.

Working relationships with legislators, business leaders, and community influencers to expand messaging footprint along with boots on the ground activation.

Robust proprietary absentee/early vote program  to deliver advantage over other candidates.

PAC and Campaign Experience with developed Ability to “read” candidate committee’s next move, despite no communication, to understand where to target to assist overall strategy in a multi-player, multi-committee, single and multi-state region.


Experience in delivering wins in innovative ways over several election cycles by strategically piecing together receptive engagement clusters to win.

Ability to target and deliver messages that keep voters committed in spite of campaign attacks and pundit animosity.

Tactical Opposition Monitoring to give real-time actionable intelligence as a result of boots on the ground engagement to halt advances from opposition before traction can be built. This assists coalition members in their active engagement with policy activities, our own engagement with both grassroots and grass-tops/influencer activities, and digital efforts to be more agile in advertising, targeting and monitoring committed voters interaction, as well as assistance with direction of a team to achieve their desired result.

ASCEND is highly successful because, in addition to research and actionable data captures and engaging grassroots, we work with our donor, business contacts and principled alliances with leaders across the region, to fully form an understanding of policy issues that are important to the base and expands across multiple factions - and building upon that foundation to create a strategic battle plan that helps to ensure success.

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